Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The miracle of the flying Baba Nanak!

Wow, just covered 50 miles in the twinkling of an eye!

Ever had such an experience?

You were just travelling by a bus or a car and then at some point of the journey suddenly found that you have covered the last 50 or 70 or 100 miles from milestone A to milestone B in almost no time? No, you were not asleep, you were just not sure how you or the bus/car passed the time inbetween. You saw the milestone A and then you just saw the milestone B at 50 or 70 or 100 miles ahead?

Or you were sitting in your home reading or doing something and then suddenly looked up at the watch in front and found that just now, absolutely just now its arms showed 10:15 AM and now they were showing 11:30 AM?

Or - and actually this happened with myself a few years ago - you are having some medical problem and doctors have advised you complete rest. But then you encounter some family problem and have to go to some place some 200 kilometres away by driving your car yourself, and then when you sit at the steering wheel finding your body not feeling well just remember your Guru or whosoever you have faith in and pray to him to drive the car for you and lo, you just sit relaxed behind the steering wheel while the car seems to be going as if on its own, you cover 200 kilometres but find yourself as fresh at the end as at the beginning?

What actually happened in all these instances? That you or your basic awareness somehow got disconnected from the usual outer spacetime or its working for a while. Where you were in the meantime? Or, where did your basic awareness go? In the realm of itself, in the realm where as per the picture above the observer itself became the observed, where instead of noting the changes in the usual spacetime outside it rather got merged into the basic awareness or consciounsess itself which was otherwise supposed to note all the changes on it.

Now, while in your and mine case it was for a while and involuntary, for Nanak it was almost voluntary. Beyond even that, in the initial years of his drowning in the river Kali Bein Baba Nanak was just always in it.

Now perhaps you can imagine how Nanak would be walking even without walking, going from one place to an other in the twinkling of an eye so to say though yet taking his time, how in short he would be flying from one place to an other.

The learned of such knowledge say that at the base of all that exists are vibrations of various frequencies. Higher one's awareness higher the frequency. Nanak's frequency must be the highest. It must be like the "swift spreading fire" of the poem in a previous post which had the power to bring all those around him also to the same state of 'burning' so to say for whatsoever short or long a duration. This can to some extent explain how Bhai Mardana and Bala too would be 'flying' with Nanak, reaching from one place to the next in no time, or by just "shutting their eyes" as Bhai Bala has written at many places in his Janamsakhi.


  1. reading all your entries here and completely lost into it :)

  2. You lose here and find yourself THERE! And then there will be no miracles for you, they will be ordinary happenings. You may even say with Einstein: "Either all is miracle or there is no miracle."

  3. Dear Harb, hope this medical problem is not something insuperable?

    As far as your experience in the car, I remember to have had one once already long ago.

    Know the feeling of something guiding you all along :)

    Such experiences seem to be engraved in my memory.

    I go for the miracles in the ordinary and the ordinary in the miracles :)

  4. Mieke, nothing to worry, mine medical problem too was a long time ago.

  5. So -- not only does Time fly when you're having fun, but it also flies in the face of an emergency.

  6. Time flies whenever and in whatever way we come in contact with our timeless roots.

  7. I would like to know what meditation really is?

    My guess is that there are then many more ways to come into contact with your timeless roots.

    A playful child has it all the time :)

  8. Yes, there are many more ways to come into contact with our roots. But we really don't go there until it happens on its own and certainly don't get established in it until we are evolutionally ripe enough.

    Yes, a playful child has it all the time just as a Nanak.