Monday, August 16, 2010

Nanak had no need of any preparation

We pre-pare before (pre) an event to finally come at par with or equal to (pare) it when we face it.

For Nanak that event had already been accomplished. It was realisation of the One. He had realised the One. Knowingly or unknowingly he must have been preparing for it for many past lives.

The following poem read by me in a book Something called Nothing aptly describes such an event:

The event was accomplished
But reason
Had yet to absorb it entire
It hadn't burst hot from the lips yet
A tale like a swift spreading fire
The moment was not yet near
To assess it dispassionately
Yet all was clear
From the look of the earth
And the sky...

The journey was not to be that event for Nanak. It was to be the outcome of that event. It was to be like "swfit spreading fire" after the event. Swift spreading fire does not need any preparation. It is sort of automatic. It just needs some things to be falling into place at the right times on their own.

So in fact nor Nanak's journey needed any planning. It will take him where it will at what time it will in whatever way and through whatever route it will.

This will explain why sometimes Nanak's itinerary gives the impression of being haphazard, being not logical. The detail of which we will take up in our next post "The Logic of Nanak's sometimes illogical itinerary."

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