Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beginning from the Very Beginning with Baba Nanak

The aim of this blog is not to present the whole life of Baba Nanak, with the usual photos and Gurdwaras which rather came into existence much later. This has been done by many people many times over, to the extent of even losing the interest of the present-day far-developed mind. This blog will rather assume that people who are reading this blog already know basics of Nanak's life.

Here our main concern will be with his Travels (Udasis) and the stories connected with them. And even those are to be taken more as the journey of a soul further taken over by all Soul, by One in the body of Baba Nanak, than of Nanak himself in usual flesh and blood. For, the Nanak in usual flesh and blood was really takenover by the One from the day he is said to have drowned in the river Kali Bein as we will explain later.

That Nanak was then no longer anybody's son, brother, husband or father. That Nanak was then beyond all relations. Prior to that, that Nanak may have been a Hindu, post that he was neither a Hindu nor a Musalman. Because the One which had taken over him was Itself none. It was the same for all, and it was this One, also called Ek Onkar by Baba Nanak, which was thenceforth seeing and speaking Its Truth through Baba Nanak.

As often happenes with such experiences much later Baba Nanak may have regained a semblance of his separate self, yet he could never forget the fact that he was just an instrument in the hands of the One, a fact which he often alluded to in many of his hymns in the gurbani like "Jaisi mein ave khasam ki bani tesra karin gyan ve lalo." He knew the One was ever his "khasam," his master now.

So, while for most people Nanak began his Travels from Sultanpur, Punjab, for us in this blog he began from much, much beyond, from much beyond even space and time, from the primordial One from which in fact every separate soul/entity and even the universe begins and to which it finally returns.

Let us ourselves begin from Here by surrendering to this One as we promised in the previous post in terms of surrendering to the presence of Baba Nanak, for the presence of Baba Nanak is the presence of this very One now. And it is only by so doing that we will really be able to understand the stories to be encountered on the way otherwise called miracles or "miracles of Baba Nanak."


  1. One Universe, One Reality
    Universes come and go in the wide variety of Reality
    Having the utmost respect for every Universe on its own, together forming the cells connecting

    I want to learn and therefore would like to join your journey.

  2. google pathar sahib and you will wonder if nanak was god!!