Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nanak's way of liberating the world

There is an other aspect to the question of liberating the world by Baba Nanak.

Thanks to the world famous physicist David Bohm, neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and author of the book The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot human knowledge is now inching towards the fact that the world is a holographic entity, that is, everything in it is interconnected as a whole. Which in simple and related to our question here means that this is a world in which what you do for yourself you do for the world and what you do for the world you do for yourself. So in the light of the above explanation the very question of whether one came to liberate the world or oneself becomes redundant.

The holographic understanding of the universe has further led enterprising transpersonal psychologist Stanislav Grof to the concept of holotropic mind. Holotropic mind in simple refers to the mind which is evolving towards the whole in steps. And which if true will naturally culminate in the experience of the whole, the One, which in fact the mystics of yore have been having rather directly since long thanks to their evolutionary ripeness at one cultural cycle level or the other, and which is in fact the experience undergone by Baba Nanak when he is said to have drowned in the river Kali Bein as already explained in a previous post.

While there is a wide difference between the intellectual understanding of a mind approaching wholeness as above and experiencing it directly which then is rightly called the experience of Self, One or God realization, even of Deus Factus Sum (I have become God) there is no doubt that when one has it directly then there does not remain any separation between oneself and the world. He then rightly proclaims like J.Krishnamurti, "I am the world!" This being the case finally with Nanak as well, the question of his coming to liberating the world or himself further becomes meaningless.

One cannot overemphasise the fact that socalled scientific or rational understanding of it takes one nowhere near its real understanding. Science in its efforts at arriving at Grandunification or Theory of Everything is in fact trying to arrive at this very experience but which in simple is as impossible as arriving at infinity by multiplying 2x2x2x2.....Why even simple people of Nanak's time used to say "Nanak jani jan hai (Nanak knows everything,)" simply because Nanak had arrived at this place of "Theory of Everything" directly and simple people practically being most near to the Primal Innocence intuitively knew it.

Anyway, coming back to the question of Nanak's way of liberating the world, Nanak now being one with the world as explained above, his way now rather became "what he did the world did and what the world did he did." I explained it earlier as, Nanak did nothing on his own, he was just to flow with the flow, he was just to go where things at the very moment would take him by falling-into-place on their own.

Reducing this strictly to the question in hand we may say, in Nanak liberating himself the world liberated itself and in the world liberating itself Nanak liberated himself.

Things are though still beyond it, where even the world as we know it may not exist not to talk of its being bound and in need of liberation by somebody. But let us leave those realms to Nanak and his bani's lines Sochian soch na hovei cannot be known by thought) more so since writing about them will take us far beyond the specific scope of this blog and move over to the next question regarding Bhai Bala.

*Picture at the top: The front cover of Michael Talbot's book The Holograhic Universe.
Others from left to right: David Bohm, Karl Pribram, Stanislav Grof

To be continued...


  1. Dear Harb,

    "He does what he does the way he does".

    Can you say this is also true for a woman:

    "She does what she does the way she does" ?

    For me rationality never had such a big value in my life.
    Anyway, the above sentence inspired me to write the following poem:

    Just Energy

    Being just energy
    is the same as interactive creativity
    what I do for You
    I do for Me
    and the other way around
    always giving the ability
    to create to one's hearts content
    every creation heaven sent

    whirling in and out of love
    breathing it joyfully
    creating abundance all around
    in a freedom, unbound
    unbridled radiating energy

    For what it is worth, from the heartphone :)

  2. Dear Mieke, this is not the place to fall into those endless gender arguments. You may write it as She. I have already changed He to One, I hope it will be OK for you.

  3. Sorry Harb if I gave the wrong impression with my comment. That was certainly not my intention.

    I will do my best to not see it in duality anymore. My poems do not and are the best remedy for that :)

  4. Nothing to feel sorry Mike, what you write is also as per Hukam (as per One's Grand Scheme of Things)and must also be serving some purpose. I have however, deleted those and some adjoining lines altogether, not because of our dailogue but because they seemed to make the sentence unwieldy while there purpose could still be served by the lines which come later.

    Please continue with your frank comments.

  5. uncle harb, this time i m going to take ur attention to another word guru nanak often uses - Hukum.

    What is the meaning of "Hukum" that guru nanak speaks of and how can one understand/know it? is it got to do anything with the cosmic order/law/design of prakriti
    or is it the weak voice of the purusha from within/silence?

    One of the paudi of Japji that is said to be quintessence of nanak's teachings emphaises one to understand and submit to the Hukum to become free of the expanse of the ego (haumai). To what are these lines really pointing at -

    kiv sacheara hoe aye kiv koorhai tutai paal
    (How can truth be attained and the veil of falsehood torn?)
    hukum rajaee chalnaa nanak likhyaa naal
    (Nanak says - By submission to this divine order, which is preordained)

    hukmai andar sabko bahar hukam na koay
    (All are subject to this order. Nothing is outside of it.)
    nanak hukamai jai bujhai ta haumai kahai na koay
    (Nanak says - he who understands this order becomes free from the expanse of ego)

    kindly explain...

  6. Justbe, quite simply Hukam is the universal evolutionary scheme of things from big bang to big crunch or from One to back to One. I explained it further in terms of my four basic forces/interactions theory.

    Get rid of duality of even Purusha and Prakirti and try to understand it from the perspective of the One.