Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nanak is no longer the doer

Look at the photo in front. Is the baby in this photo the doer? No, he is not the doer. Or you may say, he is the doer yet not the doer. Who is the doer in or rather through him? The Primal Innocence. Similarly it is with Nanak now. Nanak is the doer yet not the doer. The Primal Force of the Omnipotent One is the doer through him now. He is just the soul possessed.

I am writing this as I saw some people writing that Nanak prepared himself for the long journey ahead by doing this and that - by practising austerities, by meditations, by taking only cows milk, by sitting on hard stone boulders and so on.

Nanak was doing nothing of the kind. Nanak was just oblivious of his body. If at all, Nanak may be sitting on stones to have a feel of his body as still a separate self in howsoever small a way and through it to have a feel of a separate temporal world since he must have had an inkling of his future work to be done upon it.

Such a state is difficult to understand with mere logic. Until one has actually experienced it one does not, cannot know of it.

Even an ordinary lover fresh from the experience of love sometimes does not feel the pinch of broken glass or the like, while Nanak's experience was far greater and deeper. The body of a modern day Maharshi, Ramana, would have been eaten by ants in a similar state if some Swami had not come to rescue it.

Similar are the reasons of his eating less or even nothing. For, he may not have been in a position to bother to ask for something to eat, it all may have depended upon whosoever was his keeper at the time.

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